Snot Bubble

“It’s called a snot bubble alarm,” He said, scratching a red patch on his neck with his dirty nails.

“How do you make one?” The rookie asked.

He a grin spread over his face on seeing the rookie’s confusion,having expected that question.

“It’s easy,” He began with an air of authority and with a certain pleasure derived from it, “First you think hard, as hard as you can. Say you want to wake up at five in the morning, then you think of that number, Five – nothing else, for five minutes. And mind you, I say five minutes because I can do it in five but you may have to try harder. Might even take you a whole hour since you’re still a new, random character.” He said and bursts out into an uncontrollable laughter.

The rookie felt slighted, he swallowed hard and scoffed. “So you were saying?”

“Oh yes, yes, as I was saying, think of the time when you want to wake up, as hard as you can. After you’re done with that, comes the easy part. Make sure you have a runny nose when you do it, make sure it is thick enough to inflate and deflate as you breathe and even if you can’t do that, don’t worry. You’re a stupid character so I’m sure you’ll just get one anyway. Ha!” He broke into one of his laughters that took two or three panels to die down.

He eventually did and rubbed a tear from the corner of his eyes.

“If you follow all the things I’ve said then you’ll surely be able to make a Snot Bubble Alarm that pops and wakes you up at your convenience.”

He spread a stupid grin on his face after finishing his tutorial. A vein popped on the rookies forehead. The guy he was talking to had fifty seven chapters of experience, while he, our rookie, had been introduced in the plotline only three chapters ago.

The rookie quickly gave his thanks and headed to his spot, four panels away to the bottom. He jumped and passed through scenes and dialogues, once hitting his face on a big ‘!’ hanging in the air.

“Be careful” someone had commented.

He reached his panel and set himself down to apply what he had learned. He thought hard, for about a minute or so, and was quickly asleep with a snot bubble inflating and deflating as he breathed.

Stupid characters do pull it off easily.

The next panel was small. It showed the snot bubble of the rookie- transparent with a small whitish gleam on it. Two panels from where the rookie slept the snot bubble suddenly bursts.

Next page. Top panel. The rookie is weary eyed with fashioned bags under. He looks at the digital alarm clock drawn inside the room. It blinks steadily at 5:00. He yawns, moving on to the next panel.